Start your amazing journey

We’ve designed the selection process – and the role of our recruitment experts – to guide you every step of the way. That makes sure you have the opportunity to show us the skills and attributes you’ll bring to your role.

  1. Complete the short form to provide us with your contact details and basic information so we can find out more about you.
  2. You’ll then receive a call from a member of the Student Recruitment Team and we can answer any questions you have. Following this friendly chat, you’ll have all you need to make the right choice for you.
  3. Next, you’ll get a personalised form to complete, as well as a guidance pack to support you throughout this stage of the process.
  4. If we’re right for each other, we’ll invite you to take our numerical and critical thinking online tests. They last 30 minutes each and you’ll have plenty of time to practise beforehand.
  5. Once you’ve passed the tests, we’ll contact you again to talk through opportunities and next steps. If you haven’t already, this is your chance to tell us which area you’re most interested in – and for us to suggest which you’re most suited to.

We're here to guide you to success